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A Vital Start

St Helens Montessori Nursery welcomes children from the age of two to five years old. The child-teacher ratio is a maximum of 6:1.


The Nursery consists of two large classrooms and a kitchen area for the use of the children. The environment has been designed following Montessori principles in order to create a calm and inspiring atmosphere both in the school and in the enchanting grounds that surround it.

In this safe and motivating environment our little pupils can fully develop their potential and can make the school, as Montessori said, their home (Casa dei Bambini).

Our children enjoy additional lessons in music, French, sports, forest school and Judo. 


St Helens Nursery is equipped with a full range of excellent Montessori learning materials that attract children and engage their natural desire to learn. Montessori materials are scientifically designed to present learning activities that match each child’s level of development.


We offer the Universal Early Years Entitlement for eligible children from two years old. 

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to the words, but by the experiences in the environment

These materials provide for a careful progression from concrete learning to abstract thought. The materials are specifically designed to encourage inspired learning in five major areas:

  1. Practical Life – to instil a desire to care for oneself, for others and for the environment, leading to a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility.

  2. Sensorial – to develop and refine the senses enabling each child to increase understanding and awareness of his or her environment.​

  3. Language – to assist in the effective development of the four main skills of listening and speaking, reading and writing.

  4. Mathematics – to develop a concrete understanding of numbers, patterns, quantities etc., building a strong foundation and confidence in computational and problem solving activities.

  5. Cultural – to provide an opportunity to experience and discover ideas and concepts in Geography, History, and Sciences including Zoology and Botany, as well as a general understanding of the world as a unique and cyclical phenomena.

“The adult works to improve his environment, while the child works to improve himself.”

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