What Parents Say

“St Helens is a magical place filled with curiosities, happiness and security. There is no better place outside of the home for children to begin their educational and social development. C. is privileged to have been part of this. She leaves St Helens with new friends, happy memories and a passion for learning.”

“My biggest thanks go to you as you have had an enormous affect on my life! I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me back into your school and I was very surprised at the amount that I remembered from back when I was tiny! I am sure that many, many people would join me in recognising your achievements and just how much time you have dedicated towards the lives of others. I am certain that I will keep in touch in the future and will look back, as I do now, and see just how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful environment.”
(Former pupil who came back to do work experience at St Helens)

“In the two and a half years Sam has been with you, you can see the progress he has made – from a tot to a knowledge-seeking confident individual!”

“There is no doubt in our minds that no college or university is more important than this very first school our child attended.”

“These last two years have been fundamental in shaping S’s character and his attitude towards his peers, and your approach to learning has ensured that he enjoys it.”

“Mummy said: ‘Thank you for helping me become a thoughtful, confident, independent young man!!'”

“Charlie had a wonderful foundation at your school. He learnt the desire for learning and for being helpful, useful and pleasing, and taking a pride in these things.”

“Thank you for having the kind of Nursery School Mummy would have enjoyed going to when she was a little girl.”

“We especially want to thank you for the respect you show day in, day out, towards the children and the parents. That really makes St Helens a special place.”

“I started school one sunny day
To share the love and joy of the children gay.
With all your kindness and love so sweet,
I will always dream of you in my sleep.”

Michael (6 years old)

“Seven years ago, at a small school, developed a skilled mentor who taught right and wrong to our family. They called her Jeannelle.”
(Former pupil – 12 years old)

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